Join us September 7th!

On September 7th we are packaging food to send down to orphans in Haiti. You won’t want to miss this because it’s a FUN event, with BIG impact, and all in the name of Jesus. Plus, we have added excitement this year because we know the children who will be receiving the food: they are the same orphans that we sent two missions teams to visit this past year, and are going to send two more teams to visit in 2015. We’ll get the chance to see how God is taking care of these kids over time.
There will be three shifts of packing on September 7th:
If you know ahead of time which shifts you can work, let us know so can get everything ready. We will also take walk-ins on the day. Also, don’t be shy about working more than one shift. We already have a group of people who are coming to worship on Saturday night so that they can work all three shifts on Sunday morning. This is going to be a fun event and it’s in response to a very urgent need! See you Sept 7th!
Haiti Team Orphanage


Welcome to our website:
On this site you’ll find up-to-date information on the people and activities of our church. If you’re a guest, we invite you to stop by our “welcome station” sometime before or after a worship service. It is found in the entranceway of the church, just outside the main sanctuary. Until then, explore this site to get a sense of what we’re about and have a great day.


At Algona Methodist we are passionate about helping people draw closer to God and closer to one another. We believe Jesus is God’s Son, who came to earth and died on the cross, then rose from the dead. His sacrifice paid the price for our waywardness from God, so that now we can accept God’s free gift of forgiveness. Growing in faith means discovering all the ways our trust in Jesus shapes daily living.


Every event and activity in our church is structured around three simple movements to help you grow in faith:

1. Being Grounded in Truth: Through worship services and social gatherings, you can come and experience what it is like to be in Christ-centered, Spirit-filled community.

2. Growing in Community: Small groups are a great place to ask questions, share about our struggles and hurts, make some new friends, and discuss how concepts are put into action.

3. Giving out of Grace: God loves to show grace (‘grace’ is receiving an unmerited gift). After experiencing grace in our own lives, we are able to give back to the community and help change the lives of others. Mission projects, volunteer work, and outreach are all forms of giving out of grace.

How can we encourage you in your relationship with God?

For more information on these three movements, please click here